Dont get it twisted it that aint no cigar

That nigga kennedy rolled the fat purp blunt

JFK was og.

Presidential smoke

somebody should make a new strain of weed named after him.

I can hear Rick Ross right now:

I got that JFK (woooo!)

That presidential! (uh!)

Reblogging for the Rick Ross song comment that was pure gold omfg

Yalll are so corny

Lol cornballs

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  • Romeo: I was thinking about this chick earlier who I said I was in love with but now I love that girl over there that is very likely to either belong to my family's enemy or be close with my family's enemy as it is their party I am crashing
  • Juliet: I do not like being so young and forced into a relationship with an older man, but oh there's a cute guy more my age over there. And since he's here he must have been invited and is there for a reasonable love match for myself
  • --
  • Romeo: We should kiss right now at this party
  • Juliet: No that is a super dumb idea
  • Romeo: *kisses her anyway*
  • Juliet: That was dumb of you
  • --
  • Romeo: We should get married right now
  • Juliet: We don't know each other. Shouldn't we wait until at least a little time has passed?
  • Romeo: Like tomorrow?
  • Juliet: Sure, fine.
  • --
  • Juliet: We're married now, so we have to try and make things better between our families.
  • Romeo: Right.
  • Romeo: It seems I have killed your cousin and am now exiled.
  • --
  • Juliet: Ok so since Romeo fucked up I'm gonna fix this shit by taking a harmless sleeping liquid. He'll come and get me and we can go away together.
  • Romeo: *immediately kills himself*
  • Juliet: For fucks sake.
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no vine is better than this 

I’m boutta go get high just bc this vine

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"if you like someone, just tell them!"

is the worst piece of shit advice you can give to anyone

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"You either die a hero or live long enough to become a villain." 

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backstories to random gifs are my favorite thing and they need to continue

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My education in a nutshell

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Will and Jada come get your son NOW!!!!!

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